New Foods, New Journey

Starting something new this week – Food Diary Day! I’ll be sharing new foods I try around Seattle. I started this as a fun way to live out my goal to try new things as often as I can, and simply for writing inspiration. It gives me a chance to explore my city, meet new faces, and eat all kinds of heavenly stuff. Let’s just hope I don’t go up a pant size with this journey…

This week’s ‪#‎FoodDiaryDay‬ is D’Orsay from Le Panier Bakery. Every day is a good day to love yourself. ‪#‎BeYourSomething‬ ‪#‎SeattleEats‬


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Docked and Anchored Buy One Get One Free Sale!

AnchoredI’m pleased to announce that Anchored, (Docked, #2) is FINALLY live. I’m sorry about the lapse in updates on this series, guys. I know I promised to have it to you in December, but I still wasn’t in the right mental space to write. I just couldn’t force it until I was sure I was ready to write again. When you go through a loss, you simply can’t measure or predict how you’ll process the grief. There is no telling how long it will take or how the waves will hit you. It comes and goes, and then just when you think you’ve begun to get past it and see life again, another tidal wave slams you and you’re swamped with the pain all over again. The past year of my life has truly been a struggle, and while I’m still dealing with the grief and likely will for some time, I  have made it through the thick of it and am finally – FINALLY – writing again.

That being said, I’ve made DOCKED free on all platforms for a limited time to celebrate the completion of Tanner and Anya’s story. ***It is still in the process of going through price-matching, so it might not show up as  free on each platform just yet. As of now, it is free on iBooks and Smashwords.*** Thank you for your ongoing support, patience, and love. I’ll have more release news for you in the coming weeks. I hope you enjoy the end of Tanner and Anya’s little journey.

Much Love,

Rach xo














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Upcoming 2015 Poetry Collection

I’ll be releasing a short collection of poetry in early 2015. Here’s a teaser for those who missed the original announcement:


There’s a place on the pillow where your head would rest
where tears now run
There’s a space in my mind
where your voice still echoes
A heavy drum
There’s a new face beside me
It now has my heart
Dark and beautiful it shines
A bridge
Now gone
Radiant residue, full and rich
Not mine
There’s a scar on my left and one on my right
Both lost, Black Beauty
They sing
There’s a hole in the ground
you haunt, he filled
I rest.

- Her Love, Selected Poems Copyright 2014 Rachael Wade

Release news to come soon.


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Tempt You: A Naughty & Nice Collection Now LIVE!

Only 99 Pennies!

AVAILABLE FOR A LIMITED TIME: From 9 bestselling authors, a boxed set of novels ranging from Naughty to Nice and everything in between! These 9 sweet and spicy stories will TEMPT YOU to fall in love—or lust! Either way, you won’t be able to stop turning the page.

tempt you final cover

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Calling All Reader and Blogger Friends!

Have you read Love and Relativity? If you’ve ever left a review, whether on the book product pages or your book blog, you can make a big difference on TEMPT YOU’s release day. Please consider signing up HERE to post the review you’ve already written to TEMPT YOU’s product page the day it goes live (November 12th).

If you haven’t written a review but have read the book, I invite you to write and post one on release day. Each one, no matter how long or short, is appreciated.Thanks in advance to all who help out – you make it possible to make this newest release a success! Smilie: :)

tempt you final cover


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