This is Not Really Happening. You Bet Your Life it is…

This is not a fun post. Not for me or for my readers. But it is an honest one, and it brings me great peace to make the announcement, so while it’s not particularly fun, it’s certainly positive.

There are moments in your life when you can’t believe that “thing” is happening to you. That thing that always happens to someone else. Or in that movie. Or to your neighbor. Or the friend of a friend. But never to you. And then there’s a hard, painful journey that follows when you realize it has indeed happened to you. This is your life, and no amount of shock or processing will change the circumstances.

It’s happening. It’s real.

Eventually acceptance comes, and the light follows. Renewal takes root, and life begins again. You never want to go through it again, and you sure as hell don’t wish it on anyone else, but you never forget what it felt like and how it helped shape who you are. You never regret those moments, as painful as they might be.

No, I don’t have cancer. Yes, something tragic has happened in my personal life recently, and while I’m very much an open book, I’m also still a person with a public life and a private one, and I need privacy just as much as the next girl. So I won’t be divulging much here other than to say that for the past year, I’ve been through hell and back, and that understandably, it’s all affected the thing I love most, my passion and calling in life: Writing.

This is a very long-winded way of saying that my production schedule has changed pretty drastically. I’ve had to push back the release of Anchored, book 2 of the Docked series twice now, and tonight I’ve finally decided to announce that it will be pushed back indefinitely…for right now. If you know me, you know I hate leaving my readers hanging. Wait. Scratch that. I LOVE leaving you with cliff hangers, I just hate making you wait for long periods of time for resolution to those cliffhangers. Because I’m a reader, too, and I know what that torture feels like!

That’s life, though, and really the same goes for countless films and novels out there. We’re sucked in and then stuck waiting to find out what happens with our favorite stories. Over the past few years, there has been this expectation of Indies. Because we write at our own pace and make our own schedules, we’re expected by many to produce book after book as quickly as possible. I’ve been a machine the past 3 years. I write non stop. But this past year’s circumstances have slowed me down. I have to step back. I have to write what I feel like writing right now, not what I need/should be writing because I promised everyone a sequel.

The reality is, I typically write in order. I usually finish one series in its entirety before going on to another. With the exception of Repossession, the first book in the Keepers Trilogy, all of my books have been written in order, until the entire series is done. I prefer this, because for one it keeps me in that world, and it also makes me feel good to know I’m giving my readers more of the story as quickly as possible.

This won’t be the case with Anchored.

For reasons I’m not going to ramble on about (because of the whole aforementioned need-for-privacy thing), Anchored is very, very difficult for me to write right now. I’m really struggling, and if there’s anything I’ve learned since writing The Replacement, it’s that sometimes you need to just step away from the shoulds and dive into the wants. Sometimes you have to be impulsive with your writing. Nine times out of ten, that’s when you write your best stuff. The Replacement possessed me. From the moment I sat down to write the first scene, it took over and wouldn’t let me go until Elise’s story was told. Because of this, I’ll probably always consider it my best work. The whole writing process was organic and reckless. I loved every second of it.

Needless to say, finishing Anchored right now is not an option. My mind is simply saying NO.  So, I need to work on something else. I’m surrendering to a new project’s pull. It’s a super secret project, one you probably you won’t hear about until it’s ready to hit the shelves, but until then, just know that something very good is on the way. The inspiration behind this one has been intense, and I can’t wait to share it with you. In the meantime, though, just know that this delay with the Docked series is not only necessary (because I don’t want to give you guys a crappy story), it’s also simply beyond my control.

Thanks for understanding, and thanks for all of your amazing support thus far. I promise to continue to give you the best I can give, and I hope you enjoy whatever random stories I throw your way. There’s a lot on the horizon, and I’m excited to share these projects with you in the coming months!

Much Love,





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Flight by Alyssa Rose Ivy – A summer in New Orleans leads to a chance encounter with the infuriating yet alluring Levi. Allie finds herself at the center of a supernatural society and forced to decide between following the path she has always trusted or saving a city that might just save her.

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Anchored Update

Hey guys,

So…as readers, we see these kinds of announcements often: a change to a book release date or a delay in publishing. Tonight I have to make one of those, and I’m far from thrilled to do it because you guys keep asking when you’ll see the end of Anya and Tanner’s story and I hate to leave you hanging. However, life happens and sometimes writers have to know when to make that call to push back a pub date. In short, Anchored will NOT be released on August 31st. That’s the bad news. The good news, though, is you won’t have to wait much longer. It WILL release in September. As soon as my schedule calms down and I get some personal stuff in order, I’ll be tackling final edits to make sure it’s the best it can be before sending it to your e-readers. So, please hang tight and forgive the delay – I promise Anya and Tanner’s HEA is on the way!

All for now.

Much Love,



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Big Surprise on the Way for Newsletter Subscribers

Hey all, there’s a big surprise coming for my newsletter subscribers… are you signed up? This will be exclusively for you guys! Incidentally, by signing up, you get a free copy of Love and Relativity, one of my New Adult romances! Just sign up HERE to claim your copy.



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ANCHORED Release Date and Teaser

Coming August 31st

Just a little tease….

“No one touches you like I do, Anya,” he says, voice throaty and raw, “and no one ever will.” I whimper and squirm, wanting his fingers deeper, wanting more friction. “What do you need, baby?” His head cocks slightly and he wets his lips, watching in delight as I writhe beneath him. He’s owning me, just as he owns the sea, watching his force take the reins, securing me to the mattress beneath him. I’m at his whim, he knows it, and like the rolling waves of the ocean, my body roars, shifting and reaching, yielding to his control. “Come on, Anya, speak up or I won’t be able to please you.”

Haven’t read book one yet? Get DOCKED now!



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