Does Weight Loss Supplements Actually Work?

Weight loss supplements are getting popular as they are deemed to help in addressing obesity and increase the success to lose weight.

Obesity or overweight is a condition and concern that many people are trying to address. Such condition affects both the physical and psychological health. Definitely, losing weight is the best solution, but it is not an overnight process. It’s the reason why most obese people recourse to taking weight loss supplements to lose weight fast.

What are Weight Loss Supplements?

Weight loss supplements are available in different forms including a tablet, capsule or pill. The formulation may contain chemical or herbal and may serve for various purposes. Many products claim to suppress appetite, boost metabolism and decrease fat absorption.

These supplements provide thermogenic effect. However, experts are not fully endorsing these products due to insufficient evidence of effectiveness. Likewise, there are no sufficient studies about the effects of the supplements to human body.

Types of Weight Loss Supplements

To know whether weight loss supplements work or not, it makes sense understanding the different types of supplements and how they work or affect the body.

Appetite suppressants – These supplements give signals to your brain that your stomach is still full or satiated.  Thus, food craving or overeating is prevented.

  • Fibers – Taking supplements that are rich in fiber also help in losing weight. It works on slowing the process of digestion that eventually reduces attracting hungry-feeling.
  • Fat absorption prohibitants – There are weight loss supplements prevents the absorption of fat from the foods you eat. Orlistat is an example of this type of supplement.
  • Meal Replacements – If you want to loss weight naturally, you should consider consuming meal replacements. These supplements are proven to be effective, but you must follow a calorie-control plan.

Shakes and bars are examples of meal replacement supplements and you should eat them along with fresh fruits.

HCA or Hydroxycitrate – HCA is commonly present in weight loss products like Garcinia Cambogia. This supplement reduces appetite, improves fat metabolism and suppresses fat absorption.

  • Green tea and other herbal extracts – These extracts particularly green tea contains caffeine and catechins. These compounds work great in reducing weight effectively.

Do Weight Loss Supplements Work?

Many studies have been done to rule out whether loss supplements work or not (1). The most common way of determining the efficiency of these products is through group experimentation. Group of people were given supplements considering criteria in measuring its efficiency.

The criteria include determining the changes in energy expenditure while at rest and while exercising.  The calories burned while lying down or sitting and doing physical activity are also measured.

Obviously, if the product yields the best positive results is the one that will work on losing weight effectively. However, no single weight loss supplement may work to all. What may work to others may not work to you and vice versa.

Potential Downsides of Weight Loss Supplements

Weight loss supplements that include chemical composition may pose undesirable side effects to your body in the long run. It may work to you at first, but taking the supplements for an extended period may affect your heart, the brain, gastric and digestive systems and the rest of your internal organs.

That’s why prior of taking supplements, it’s best to consult first your health care provider. If you’re under medications, taking weight loss supplements is not a good and safe idea as it may interfere and cause adverse reactions to your body.

Another thing to consider when you’re taking weight loss supplements is that you should ensure taking only the right doses. Keep in mind that taking more isn’t better for your health. Thus, you must follow the right dose that will work best for you.

Experts say that to obtain the best possible results to lose weight, you must perform physical activity while taking weight loss supplements and proper diet as well. You should avoid taking supplements featured in advertisements or even at pharmacy, grocery store and local gym, unless it is tested and proven safe.

While you are taking weight loss supplements, make sure to measure the results. This way, you can assess the progress whether the product is working for you or not.

5 Tips Users Need to Know about the HCG Diet

The HCG diet is a great way for losing weight and transforming your body into a well-trimmed one But to gain something and lose something; you definitely have to face a lot of challenges. So how can you gear up to knock down the challenges that come your way in your commitment for weight loss? The HCG bloggers have come up with few effective tips that can certainly help you out. So what are they?

Find out the tips right on this page that can help you achieve your desired goal just the way you wanted:

  1. Cleansing is the key

If you have made up your mind to opt for the super-effective HCG diet, then the first and foremost thing you should do is to get a body cleanse. Detoxifying and then starting the diet works brilliantly yet makes the body feel good and light. Getting rid of the harmful toxins helps the body to deal better with cravings on a low calorie diet.

  1. Knowledge is necessary

If you have already planned to follow the HCG diet then you must read the best HCG drops reviews too. This is going to ensure that you get familiar drops product to use with the HCG diet. Having adequate knowledge about the program will make you accept the low calorie intake in a good way that can be well-maintained.

  1. Get rid of chemicals

The foods that we consume daily might contain a lot of MSG, Aspertame and Splenda. The presence of these chemicals makes you crave for more and make you want to have more of them. Eliminating these chemicals is not just going to remove the presence of the damaging ingredients for your body but also makes it easier for the diet program to work out quickly and effectively.

  1. Prepare your meal properly

Do not make your meal boring and bland as that can make it disgusting for you to consume the same kinds of food every time, everyday. It is true that the variety is limited, but still you can play around with the ingredients you have and plan your meals to have tasty and interesting meals for yourself.

  1. Adjust your schedule

The dieting procedure might seem easy to you in the first phase but as the phase moves further, it gets tougher and tougher. To make sure the HCG diet works faultlessly, plan your days in such a way that you don’t have to go out much and would spend maximum time at home. You need to give your body the time to adjust.

As per the HCG diet specialists, initially the HCG diet might be tough to follow but if you have trained and made up your mind to judiciously follow the diet, then you are sure to succeed in reaching your goals of losing those extra kilos from your body. So are you committed enough to follow these tips perfectly?


Dietary supplements are products that are useful if you do not eat the enough amount of nutritive food. Nowadays, people are usually too busy and do not have time to worry about whether they eat a variety of healthy food or not.

Their meals are usually high in calories and they do not eat regularly. Moreover, people mostly stick to the food they are used to eating and buying in stores. That is why supplements may be a great and effective way to take essential nutritious substances such as good fats, acids, vitamins and minerals.

Healthy Diet

You can find essential nutrients in various kinds of food: in vegetables, fruit, meat and other. But remember that, for example, some vegetables are seasonal and cannot be bought every day, so you need to add supplements to your meals in order to maintain a healthy body.

You can benefit your health by including natural supplements in your diet regimen, especially if you do not want to suffer from any health problem such as a deficiency of a vitamin or mineral. For instance, vitamin D is important if you want to take good care of your bones.

Ingredients in Supplements

Dietary supplements usually consist of substances such as magnesium, zinc, vitamin C, minerals and other. These ingredients can be found in energy bars that are great if you need something to eat on the go or in some of the best testosterone boosters you can find in stores. But pay attention to the nutritional information on the products’ label so you do not experience the side-effects that a supplement may cause.

Depending on your needs, you can choose from a wide variety of products you can add to your meals. Some ingredients should be taken with caution; in some cases, they can have a negative effect on your health. For example, if you take supplements that contain zinc and your body already has a sufficient level of it, you may suffer from headaches or diarrhea. You may even lose your appetite and decrease your immunity as well.

In addition, pregnant women should be especially cautious since they are more prone to the unexpected side-effects that can harm their unborn babies.

Improper use of the dietary supplements can harm your health so it is better to get a prescription from your doctor or a nutritionist. You can consult with either of them and decide whether you should use one of the products or not.


If you are a busy modern woman that likes to have control of her life, you have probably set some goals related to your career or your family.

But, have you set a goal related to your fitness and lifestyle? If you haven’t, read the tips below to get some idea about a healthy lifestyle.

1. Diet Regimen

Set up a nutrition goal if you want to live longer and be fit. Make sure that your body gets essential ingredients; they will enhance your energy and immune system so you can be resistant to various illnesses.

Diet is crucial when you want to achieve your fitness goal. Avoid eating junk food and include healthy and nutritious ingredients in your meals such as fruit, vegetables, herbs and other.

2. Read Popular Magazines

Stay informed about the news in fitness world. You can get many interesting ideas and learn useful information if you subscribe to any of the health and fitness magazines. Some are even available online.

You can read the nutritionists’ and doctors’ recommendations related to diet and exercises. Some magazines may inform you about the types of supplements such as vitamin B complex or the top test boosters available on the market. In addition, you can get information on food that is usually taken as prevention for a breast cancer.

3. Stay Active

Physical activity is important because the more you are active the more energy you have during a day. Of course, try not to force yourself too much. Instead, find a healthy exercise balance. Hire a fitness coach if you need some advice about the proper workout and nutrition.

If you only want to maintain a good body shape, a trip to your gym three times a week is enough. Choose a light workout to boost your energy or take a walk every day. You will notice the difference soon.

4. Sleep Well

Every beautician will tell you that if you want to be beautiful, you must get enough quality sleep during night. Not only is a good sleep great for your beauty, but also for your energy, well-being and health.

When you relax during nighttime sleep, you feel energized in the morning and your brain functions better. Your entire body is nourished.

Don’t forget that you cannot change your daily routine in a day or two. You have to be persistent and focused on changing your habits, so keep going even if you do not see the results right away.


Although testosterone (T) is a primary male hormone, some glands in a female body also produce a small amount of it. Many scientists disagree about the relevance of T in women’s body. Some say that a higher level of it can improve a woman’s life while others state that it can cause some unpleasant outcomes.

When it comes to women’s health and fitness, many ladies actually use testosterone boosters to enhance their performance during the workouts. Some women that compete in bodybuilding have admitted that they use Testosterone as a supplement daily, especially before their workouts. So what should a woman do when it comes to taking test boosters? Here is what the studies say.

Women Athletes

You can read a lot of women’s testimonies about their improved performance in the gym. They state that they gained strength during exercises because they took some natural supplements such as nugenix test booster to enhance their training performance.

They also state that this kind of dietary supplements are safe and great for female athletes, not just for the male ones – their success in gaining muscles and great body shape is the proof. In combination with the right exercise techniques, the right supplement and a proper diet regimen, the ladies have shown the remarkable results in bodybuilding.

Sexual Disorders

Women experience the similar effects when they lack testosterone in their blood. Since T is a sex hormone in men, one of the research studies show that T can help women with issues related to their sexuality.

On the other hand, there have been cases when women that used testosterone in their therapies shown signs of masculinity, for instance, their voices became deeper, their facial hair started growing etc. and this is not something that any woman wants. Although T is primarily a male hormone, women also need a certain amount of it in their bodies to be able to function normally. It may affect their libido, their energy and mood – in a positive way, of course.

Keep in mind that the ingredients that can be found in the supplements can have different effects; it depends on an individual. If your body does not react well on a dietary supplement, you may experience headaches, arrhythmia, diarrhea and even bleeding. So make sure you consult your doctor about whether you should use test boosters or not.

Alternatively, you can read products’ reviews about the popular t-boosters and the experiences of the other ladies’ and then decide upon them.

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