The Replacement Now Available! (Plus Updates and Thanks)

I have a boatload of updates for you guys, but first a few thanks.


If you’ve been following this book’s journey, then you know just how much it means to me to finally see it hit digital shelves. This is my favorite thing I’ve written to date and the story strikes a very personal chord in many ways, so it’s a pretty massive deal for me. Huge thanks to Tiffany King and her hubby for coming to my rescue at the last minute to help make sure the book made it to Smashwords, not to mention for being so welcoming to me this time one year ago. Tiff, I never would have met half of my author friends or gained the confidence I needed to attend book events if it weren’t for you reaching out the way you did. As you know, you’ve been a huge inspiration to me as both a writer and a friend. I LOVE YOUR FACE!

Thanks to Heidi from My e-Literature Obsession book blog for being so wonderful by helping with the promo memes, and for being such a fantastic cheerleader on the street team. I really value and appreciate all you do, and that goes for Cathy Givans, too. Where would we be without her to run the show? Smilie: ;)

Also, to Jodi Ellen Malpas – you’re fabulous, lady. But I’m sure you know that by now. Thank you for remaining so humble and gracious, even after the Lord of the Manor trampled bookshelves around the globe. You didn’t have to give a little indie like me the time of day, but it meant the world that you did.

Drumroll, please…

On that note… yay! The Replacement is LIVE on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords! To celebrate, it’s available as a New Release Special for $0.99 for a limited time only. ***Please note this book will NOT be on sale again, so grab it while you can!***  IT will be available from Apple shortly and is available in paperback from Amazon and B&N.




Celebrate with Me

Next up is launch party info. I’ll be celebrating tonight on Facebook and I’d love it if you joined me! The party will be hosted by Lady Amber from 7 – 10 PM Eastern time. To join, just RSVP HERE. I’ll be answering questions, sharing teasers from the book, and there will be games and all kinds of giveaways.

Follow the Tour

Along with the launch party, you can also follow The Replacement’s release via the tour, which begins tomorrow, JAN. 27TH and runs until FEB. 7TH. You can find a list of all the stops below or by visiting the tour page on Xpresso Book Tour’s site HERE.

January 27th
-Sweet Southern Home >> Review
-Bookish Things & More >> Review
-Kaidans Seduction >> Playlist
-The Suburban Eclectic Review >> Excerpt
-kimberlyfaye reads >> Review

January 28th
-Nicely Phrased  >> Review
-Not Everyone’s Mama >> Review
-Bookish Randomness >> Guest post
-Live Read and Breathe >> Review

January 29th
-A Bookish Escape >> Review
-Stephanie Parent Reader and Writer >> Review
-Met In Eleven >> Interview

January 30th
-Literary Meanderings  >> Review
-Anna’s Book Blog >> Excerpt
-The Demon Librarian >> Review
-Lola’s Reviews >> Review
-Jessica Loves Books >> Review

January 31st
-Novels On The Run >> Review
-Books Unhinged Book Blog >> Review
-SinfulReads Blog >> Interview
-Donnie Darko Girl  >> Review
-Sydney Aaliyah >> Interview

February 3rd
-Reading and Writing Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, and Romance >> Interview
-Book Bitches Blog >> Review
-Rumpled Sheets Blog >> Review
-Way Too Hot Books >> Top 10 List
-Relaxed Reads >> Review

February 4th
-Fabulous and Fun >> Review
-Spiced Latte Reads  >> Review
-alwaysjoart >> Guest post
-LeAnn’s Book Reviews >> Review
-Fanciful Fictions >> Review

February 5th
-Paranormal book club >> Review
-Sassy Book Lovers >> Excerpt
-Bookworm Brandee >> Review
-Stolen Heartstrings >> Review

February 6th
-My e-Literate Obsession >> Review
-Books and Swoons  >> Excerpt
-Kayla’s Reads and Reviews >> Dream Cast
-The Hopeless Romantics Book Blog >> Review

February 7th
-True Story Book Blog >> Excerpt
-OldVictorianQuill >> Review
-Literary Nook >> Review

Thank you all so, SO very much for your support, guys. I hope you enjoy Elise’s story.

Much Love,



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  1. <3 you lady! It has truly been my pleasure working with you, Catherine and the girls. Looking forward to a kick-butt tour for The Replacement and many more Smilie: :)

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