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Quitting smoking creates health problems

One cigarette has more than 4000 harmful chemical which creates complications in respiratory and cardiovascular system. Smoker also gives harmful affect on those people who standing beside to smokers. If you continue smoking in long term you face a lot of problems in future. Smoking gives negative affects even when you are quitting smoking. In initial stage cigarette content nicotine make your life difficult, may be you feel depress, distress and anxiety like problems. But don't you worry you can cop up with this problems by eight to twelve weeks because such problem comes in initial stage only.

Quitting smoking effect on psychologically

When you quit smoking, the first week is difficult to handle because the impact of side effects of quitting smoking is highest in this week. Your body is used to tobacco and suddenly stops supply tobacco in body then it faces some stress which is not good for health. Actually nicotine is main contents of cigarette and gives worse impact on your health. This nicotine is substance which creates problem when you want withdrawal from cigarette addiction. You can suffer severe headache, uneasiness, anxiety and some time panic attack. You have to cop up with all these complication because this problems are not for long time. Smoking withdrawal symptoms take up to six months to fade out.

Quitting Smoking is effect on physically

Already we have seen the impact of quitting smoking on psychologically and here are discussing the effect on physically.

Impatience, restlessness and anger are common side effect of quitting smoking. When you don't take a cigarette then after 72 hours quitting symptoms start reacting but in beginning its mild. In quitting symptoms anger is common in the initial days. Try to control your anger because it may spoil your relationship.

- Nicotine is powerful drug which affect directly on brain cells and it may cause of sleep disorder.

Nicotine release huge quantity of fatty sugar in your blood when consumed and when you stop smoking sugar levels in blood go down. It may cause of low concentration. After stop smoking may be you are not able to concentration. But you easily come out from this condition by regular exercise and give some to yourself which give you healthy immune system.

- Drink lots of water, water is useful to flush out many toxins from lungs, throat and nasal. Once you come out from smoking you retain your taste and smell in short span of time.

Try to reconnect all those activity which left behind cause of smoking like swimming, jogging, sports these are the activity help to come from side effect of stop smoking. Always be happy and cheerful.

When you quit smoking you may face lots of problems but don't be loose hope because all these problem may over within six to seven week. Maintain yourself confidence and try to boost your morale. If you survive six to seven week then its means you can live without smoke and nicotine in further life.

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