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Lights ON Outreach is an advocacy blog dedicated to shining the spotlight on local and global humanitarian and environmental efforts. It features ongoing fundraisers, petition sign-ups, and up-to-date news on causes in need of support. A portion of Rachael’s book sale royalties are donated to a variety of organizations, including those listed below. Check out the latest fundraiser to view recent donations and learn more about the cause that Lights ON is currently featuring.

These guys work tirelessly to help stop barbaric marine life slaughter and ocean habitat destruction worldwide. Please show them some love!


  • The Looking Out Foundation

Founded by my favorite musician, Brandi Carlile, The Looking Out Foundation gives to a variety of organizations that help support everything from the arts, women, the hungry, public health and research, and the homeless. I admire and respect public figures like Brandi who go to such personal lengths to give back locally, regionally, and nationally, and this foundation is a perfect example of that outreach and one I am honored to support.

Every day, inhumane, barbaric cruelty is carried out on all kinds of animals all over the world. The worst part is that some of it is legal. Some of it is illegal, but it’s happening anyway. Animals cannot speak for themselves. We are their voice. They are sentient beings. They mourn their young and cry out when in pain. They deserve respect just as much as human beings do. Species are dying off and animals are losing their homes due to mindless habitat destruction and greed. This organization works to stop this cruelty on many levels and can always use your support. ***You can find pre-made petition and advocacy letters right on their website when you click on the different issues and campaigns.

Seeing the documentary God Grew Tired of Us changed my life. I was so moved by this humble man, Jon Dau, who works hard to help health care development in South Sudan. This foundation constantly needs support to further their efforts.

These organizations work hard to help preserve and protect the waters, ecosystems, and marine life of the Pacific Northwest. The Georgia Strait and the wildlife all throughout the San Juan Islands depend on the local habitats and ecosystems, and around 200 billion liters of raw sewage is dumped right in their backyards every year. This is only one example of the many issues that desperately need attention in this beautiful part of the world.



This organization is solely dedicated to protecting our world’s oceans and marine life from habitat destruction and more. If we don’t keep our oceans safe, we don’t have anything at all.

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