Should I Take HCG Drops or HCG Activator Pills?

The HCG diet is very strict and allows for no changes or substitutions. If there are changes to the diet, weight loss will not be nearly as effective. That is what makes it nice when it comes to dieting. There is no room for cheating or bad decisions. With the HCG diet pretty much laid out, it can seem very easy to get started. The HCG diet changes the metabolism so that it works harder and faster. Plus, after the diet is over, the weight will stay off while the user no longer craves unhealthy foods. It all sounds so easy and wonderful. But before getting started, there is one choice that has to be made: HCG Activator pills or HCG drops? Make sure to read these reviews on popular hcg drops before you buy them.


There are some similarities between the HCG drops and the HCG Activator pills though. With both, users are able to lose about one to two pounds a day by following the strict low calorie diet that usually consists of about five hundred calories. Afterwards, they both help keep the metabolism high and help the dieter keep the weight off. The dieter will have learned on either the drops or pills that healthy food just tastes better than unhealthy food. The HCG drops and Activator pills are both taken the same by placing them under the tongue for several seconds and then eventually swallowing them. They are both safe and there are very few side effects. Finally, they are cheaper and a lot less painful than HCG injections.


HCG Activator pills have been on the market for about ten years. Unfortunately, they have recently gotten a bad rap because of claims that HCG pill companies have violated many regulations, thus making them possibly unsafe. Right now, you can buy them over the counter. The pills can be found in stores or online. The Activator pills also contain green tea leaf extract, l-arginine, l-ornithine, N-acetyl-l-carnitine, black cohosh, saffron and huperzine. HCG Activator pills do not need any refrigeration and can easily be carried around while traveling. They are considered to have a shorter shelf live when compared to the drops though. Two Activator pills are taken twice a day. The label on the pills claims that the user will instantly reduce desired snacking while eliminating fifty percent of the snacking.


HCG drops are prepared with a homeopathic approach that has been used for hundreds of years that are safe and effective. They do not actually contain the HCG hormone. The drops can be purchased in some stores or online directly from the manufacturer. There have also been numerous successful people that have used the HCG drops to lose weight. HCG drops sometimes should be refrigerated after about a month. The drops are also absorbed faster that the pills because they are liquid.

So, what is it going to be: HCG drops or HCG Activator pills? There are very many similarities between the two when it comes to weight loss. Both will help attack the metabolism and have it work harder so that the weight will come off and stay off afterwards. When it comes to choosing, consider the slight differences of each product as well as the convenience for your lifestyle. After all, this is your body and your weight loss. You want to choose the product where you will be most successful!